How to Start

Short starter guide on how to start:

Once you are in game you're challenge is to reach level 70 after that you will be ported to Blue dragon town where you will craft your gear. ( Kill one mob )

Weapons At The Seven Deadly Sins II :  West City 528 654.
Gear at Old VIP Master : West City 525 659.

Next challenge is to reach level 150 so you can do The Dragon Slayer Quest, the npc for Dragon slayer is located in middle of west city.
You can level up in outside Sandsong Village. Don't forget to take a Training Esoterica for more XP:)

After that you can do a story quest to level up to 500. And additionally if needed kill level 500 mobs located in Rising Tide area Nightfire Alter.
Gold coin is easy to gain and sp you get for free please read How To Use Dual Fairy guide!!!
Please read all the guides so you can understand how you can obtain your end game gear.