T.S.D.S 1 quest

First quest at: The Seven Deadly Sins [380, 227]

Kill one Eldrazi Mummy
Bring 100.000.000 coins to the npc; The Rise of Eldrazi [252, 654] and enter the valley of Scared.

You will need to kill a certain mummy in order to get the quest completed. He's at the most south west corner of the map (not to be confused by other mobs with the same name, you''ll need exactly the one at the south west).
At completion you'll be teleported to the Gatekeeper.

The Seven Deadly Sins
Ice Element (0/30)
Restless Outlands [354, 270]

Witnesses [390, 232]
Stone Element (0/30)
Guardians Watch (Keep) [311, 229]

Witnesses [389, 229]
Primitive (0/30)
Starry Wilds [261, 261]

The next npc's may be found in the highest room in the tower in Tellus City [398, 230] (behind the Gatekeeper).

The Demon Lililth
Earthen (0/30)
Corrupted Marshes [210, 254]

Wrath Satan
Genius Magic (0/30)
Starry Wilds [257, 226] (South of Threehollow Lake)

Envy: Leviathan
Magic Guard (0/30)
Shrine of the Ancestors[226, 228]. Land of Eternal Sleep [207, 221]

Gluttony: Beelzebub
Strange Tree (0/30)
Evernight ruins [182, 255]

Greed: Mammom
Blue K (0/30)
Solstone Altar [147, 276]

Lust: Asmodeus
Brown K
Shrine of the Immortals [113, 257]

Pride: Lucifer
Queen (0/30)
Spire of Awakening [143, 243]

Sloth: Belphegor
Spirit of the Stone Forest (0/30)
Sealed basin [145, 205]. Lunastone Altar [113, 215]

Wrath Satan
Ice Fire Element (0/30)
Forgotten Sanctuarie [472, 258]

Apollyon: The Destroyer
Kill Mask Man (0/30) (235, 263).

Soul for a Soul
End quest. Here you accept to trade 5 souls for 200 Soul and 7 Domination Orbs.

If you do the ROTE quest, the eldrazi mummy you need for this TSDS I is the mummy for ROTE 8!!!!