Moonlight Labyrinth guide

This new map is a Labyrinth and contains 11 quests.

First 4 quest:
Mainly you have to open all doors and discover the map.

First 4 quests is not mob based so you wont find any mobs there.

Second 5 to 11 quest

After you finish the First quests 1-4 the map will be fill with mobs so fallow all the quest there and kill the mobs.
I suggest you do it in party at last 5 else you will not be able to complete it and don't forget your pickaxes to pick up tiny diamonds.
Good luck all and btw after 1hr all doors will be close again so hurry up!

*Note: you have 1hr to kill mobs, they then disappear. However if you take Chapter 5 quest again, the mobs will re-spawn on map*
**the Blue Diamond and Blue Diamond Caps are switched**

Rewards :
1x 【Hope Diamond】
1x Hope Diamond Voucher
30x Soul
10 Domination Orb
3x Voucher Of Underworld