1.) Talk to the RotE NPC in West Arch ( 525 654 ) and get the quest " Enter Moonshade Desert "
2.) Anytime you enter Moonshade Desert, there is a five minute wait time, in which case, you can do whatever you want until the wait timer runs out.
3.) Finish the quest and enter Moonshade Desert.
4.) Talk to the RotE NPC In Moonshade Desert ( 439 540 ) and take the quest " RotE I "
5.) The quest requires 50 Fate Watchers , 50 Withered Mummy's and 50 Poison Tail Occulist's Soul. ( Just a double check. )
6.) You must now enter " Old Heaven's Tear " ( Known now as OHT )
Side-note : to make time go faster since you will have to reenter Moonshade Desert, take the wait timer again from the RotE NPC In west arch so you won't have to do it later*
7.) You may enter OHT by going to City of Thousand Streams, ( Top Left City of the Map ) and getting the quest " Return to Heaven's Tear " from the Messenger of Time ( 129 656 )
8.) Now in OHT, the three mobs you have to kill have their own general area as to where most of them crowd around, here are the co-ordinates.
Poison Tail Occulist's Soul : ( 339 541 )
Fate Watcher's : ( 346 513 )
Withered Mummies : ( 324 509 )
9.) After killing 50 of each mob, you must now leave OHT ( Teleport Stone ) and return to West Arch.
10.) By the time the quest is done, you timer to Moonshade will be done and you can successfully enter Moonshade Desert.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Later in the quest you will be required to use " Teleport Incenses " go to any Teleport Master and buy " Teleport Incenses" 20 will be plenty.
11.) Hand in RotE I and take the quest " RotE II "
12. ) You have to kill 50 " Eldrazi Mummies " the ones for RotE II is at ( 439 528 ).
13.) After killing the 50 Eldrazi Mummies , return to the RotE NPC in Moonshade to Acquire " RotE III "
14.) The 50 Eldrazi Mummies this time are above the hill at the co-ordinates ( 430 507 ) in Moonshade Desert.
15.) Upon successfully killing the 50 Mummies, once again, hand in the RotE III quest back to the Moonshade RotE NPC once again.
Side-Note : You will be teleported.
16.) Now you are teleported to Valley Of Scared, and will take " Rote IV " from the RotE NPC In Valley Of Scared ( 448 577 )
17.) To the eastern outskirts of Valley Of Scared, the Mummies you need to kill will be right outside the safe zone at ( 450 580 )
18.) Upon killing the 10 Mummies, return to the NPC and acquire " RotE V "
19.) to the western outskirts of Valley Of Scared the mummies you need to kill will be right outside the safe zone at ( 447 564 ).
20.) Getting use to the routine? Hand in the quest and acquire " RotE VI ".
21.) To the eastern outskirts of Valley of Scared, you must go up the hill to the left and go down the cliff and get to the co-ordinates of ( 436 622 ).
22.) Upon killing the mummies around the area, use the Teleport Incenes I noted you buy earlier to go back to Valley Of Scared and hand in RotE VI and acquire " RotE VII ".
23.) I think you are getting better at this. the co-ordinates are ( 425 600 ). Think ya got it? they are beside RotE VI mobs so go down the cliff again.
24.) Upon killing the mummies, use another Teleport Incense.
25.) Pick up " RotE VIII " and kill the 10 mummies again at this location ( 424 575 )
26.) when you hand in RotE VIII , " RotE IX " gets more difficult now, killing 30 of each mummy from RotE IV, V, and VI ( Find co-ordinates again above ).
27.) Handing in RotE IX and acquiring " RotE X " acquires killing 4 Destructor's of Hell in this co-ordinate area ( 444 631 )
Side-Note : the Destructor's are POWERFUL. if you aren't a 400 Archer or have a good squad, dieing is a possibility and probably a sure thing.
28.) After destroying those 4 little annoying Nuisances, return to Valley of Scared and take " RotE End "
29.) go back to the West arch NPC and take The Moonshade timer again since you have to go back, use a Teleport Stone to get out of Valley of Scared.
Side-Note : now going to Valley of scared, it will always be available at the west arch RotE NPC for a 100,000,000 coin entrance fee. * And is required to hand in RotE End *
30.) Back in moonshade go to the Co-ordinates ( 410 516 ) In moonshade and kill the " Destructor of Eldrazi " . * Not that hard, is soloable to any class above 350. *
31.) You're Done! return to the Valley Of Scared like I told you how to in the Side-Note Above. Handing in the quest results in 100 Ba Soul and 19 Eye Of Ra!
hope this helped, and hope you can find this guide Useful.

5x Soul
2x Each Vessel
10x Each Voucher
10x Dominion Orbs
2x Voucher Of Underworld