Update V4

- Updated all guides.
- Added the Following Items to all shops:
XP Pack to shop.
Voucher Of Underworld.

Angel and Demon Vessel.
- Updated Guild Icons.

On aside note:

Promotion Diamond will be removed from Donation Shop this Monday(17/SEP/2018) so the only way to get it would be to invite people or friends to join our server and give them your referral code.
You can leave make posts on Redis or gaming community forums to have a better chance to get Blue Dragon Bonus Points(BDBP).

I seen alot of you making alts with your code. It is forbidden this system is bluet prof so +- you really need to invite real persons to join our server.

Players that enters your code will also get 10 BDBP. So now you have my support just go spam forums and youtube.