New Promotion

Hello all.

Its time for this server to bloom and flourish!!!

I will give more attention and bring more unique things to this server if you do this thing for the server:
Log into other perfect world private servers or official servers and tell them to use this voucher code : JoinBDPW2018, or if you have friends on Skype/Discord/etc share it there.

Why would i do that?
1) You would get the same reward if you use it on your account.2) You will get your friend playing with you.
3) 2 and 1 equals more fun.

4) win win !
5) You and your friend gets 20 Bonus points by using the voucher.

What dose the voucher give?
20 Bonus points

How to use the voucher?
1) Log into panel.
2) Click on your profile picture.
3) Insert code "JoinBDPW2018" in the gift box "Redeem a voucher"

How would i prove that i done my part?
I guess we will see our-self of this in a week or so.

What now?
We will wait and see how much you care about this server and I promise i will be 80% more active and bring unique things to this server. I don't know how many of your rally know me but i always held my promises and i am able to do all things i promise.

Attention you are only allowed to have 5 accounts do not abuse the database or i will delete all accounts and keep only 5 This rule apply starting now.